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Томь Airlines

To entry into a regional ait travel market, we needed to transfer a trusted and safety image of the new company. And at the same time remind the company that previously carrying out air travel in the Tomsk region, Russia.

Regional specificity

The positioning of the brand as a regional company implies the importance of the focus on preserving and maintaining local market features, both socially and economically. We also considered it very important to take into account the prevailing views of the population about the services of air travel of a local message.


Primary Colors


Aircraft Livery

Painting an airplane is an important part in shaping the brand image of the airline. To create the base airline, which occupies 100% of the market for local flights, I built a strict view on the brink of the classic coloring of the Soviet times, but with fresh notes and smooth curves, leveling the not quite successful and sharp, in my opinion, airplane shape.

Special Aspects

Many non-obvious, operational and economic factors were taken into account while creating the aircraft painting. I tried not only to create the harmonious view of the plane, its nature and style, but also to rationalize the specifics of its future operation and of its maintenance. All wishes of the pilots and the comments of engineers were taken into account.

3D Render

For a better understanding of the final result, a model of the aircraft was formed and painted in a corporate coloring.

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