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Steam-Account.ru Design

The main goal of the project was to refresh store design which was too archaic because the design had not been changed since the opening in 2010. It is not only about style, but also about user friendliness and confidence of the customers in making right choice selecting a digital goods supplier.


The major redesign concept was to preserve succession. The color palette had been simplified and modernized — base and accent colors had become lighter, green shades — fresher and less caustic.


It is what we associate brand with at first. The old logo was not good enough but we couldn't just make a new one — it was important to save succession as much as we cared about our regular customers. The new style should not cause stress. For this reason I considered the redesign to be conservative. So you won't see meters long shadows and rainbow gradients here now.

Web Design

Simple and strict forms are not overloaded with graphics because there are already so much product's covers. At the same time it doesn't lose its informativeness.

Mobile Friendly

Templates are also developed with focus on lightness and functionality. Cross-browser compatibility and adaptivity are included.

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